Rest Your Paws At The Hound Hotel

Hound Hotel is a very unique and cute game by Microgaming. It is not so much cute because of its looks or music, but rather the theme of the slot. You get to be a guest in a hotel exclusively for dogs.

Hound Hotel has 25 paylines and each payline will soon have a collection of upper-class hounds spinning across them. Wagers go as high as 125 per spin and players get access to a unique hotel themed bonus game.

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Parimutuel Betting and the Betting Pool

For many people, online sports betting is the ideal way to bet on major sporting matches and horse races. As opposed to live betting, online betting gives bettors the opportunity to bet on any sport, anywhere in the world without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. The accessibility of online sports betting has meant that more and more people are giving sports betting a try. However in order to win decent money online, you have to know what you are doing. Most people don’t really understand what parimutuel betting is and how the betting pool affects the payouts. Many people also get confused with fixed odds betting and how it works.

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Melbourne Cup Betting Explained

The Melbourne Cup is a long running equestrian race, with initial roots going back as far as 1861. Many consider it to be one of the most important in the world involving horses, and so viewed has the Melbourne Cup become that it is often referred to as ‘the race that stops a nation.’ This is because Australia has a long standing tradition of locals dropping everything to watch and cheer on the racers. It is also a long standing tradition of many placing bets on who they think will be the grand champion.

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A Guide to the Online Pokies Real Money Strategy

A Guide to Online Pokies Real Money Strategy There’s little doubt that online pokies real money sites have become the most popular choice for online pokies players in New Zealand. This entertaining and engaging game of chance is a great pastime to pursue, especially since there’s some serious cash to be won. Slot Machines: Then … Read moreA Guide to the Online Pokies Real Money Strategy

Tips and Tricks for Pokies iPhone Apps

Top Tips and Tricks for Pokies iPhone Apps

Playing online pokies has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity over recent years, with millions of people across the world taking advantage of this easily accessible and potentially lucrative pastime.  New Zealand residents, in particular, will be happy to know that many of the top online casinos offer and support pokies iPhone apps where they can expect a great gaming experience.

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An Overview of Flash Bingo Websites

Online Flash Bingo Websites

Bingo is a game most people will be familiar with. In the past, bingo was played in large bingo halls, filled with dozens of people eagerly scratching away at their bingo cards. While many land-based bingo halls still exist, online bingo has become more popular than ever. Also known as Flash Bingo, internet bingo uses Macromedia flash technology to stream the game data directly to your computer’s web browser. This means that you don’t have to download any software in order to start playing online. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you are ready to go. In the notes below, we are going to look at how internet bingo works and what are the advantages of playing online.

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No deposit iPhone casino

Living, Working and Playing Smarter Online

As thinking human beings, we all have a desire to drive forward and be better. This keeps us constantly researching, evolving and learning. We’re always finding out more about human physiology, which helps us to treat illnesses better and diagnose conditions earlier.  Are also always improving the way we have fun and the online entertainment and casino industry is just one sphere which continues to evolve at an astounding rate.

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Mobile Gaming for New Zealand Players

There are many of us in New Zealand who are completely fanatical about any Apple product. As soon as news is released that a new product or update is going to be made available, you may be a person who immediately starts planning how quickly you can get your hands on it. If you were standing in lines outside of stores when the iPad was released, then you will be well aware of how amazing Apple products actually are.

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iPad Games for Easy Download

New Zealand players all have different tastes in terms of the games they like to play at mobile casinos. While all of the most popular games are available, card games definitely have a strong following. The top games include blackjack, and of course poker. At iPad casinos in New Zealand, there are a wide range of poker rooms and tournaments available. In many cases, you can actually play no deposit poker, which doesn’t require you to spend anything in order to get playing.

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Free spins online casino

Latest Tech and Gaming Developments

If you are looking for information and the latest tech and newest gadgets, the internet is generally a wealth of information. However, it often helps having a central place to go to, instead of just blindly searching the web. In many cases, unless you know what you are looking for, it can be quite tricky trying to keep up to date with all the latest tech developments. But having a resource that gives you the latest news and developments, and covers hot topics and exciting announcements, can be an excellent resource to keep referring back to. Just take the mobile and online gaming industry for instance.

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