Odds and Evens

Odds and Evens, also known as Pari e Despari and Trinity: Gambling for High Stakes, follows the life of a government official who is required to investigate and subsequently put an end to illegal gambling operations happening all over Florida.

This 1978 film features 105 minutes of classic Italian cinema, with healthy doses of gripping action and infectiously funny moments.

Film Cast and Crew

Odds and Evens was directed by Italian film director, Sergio Corbucci, who is very well known for his spaghetti westerns and is actually the brother of popular screenwriter and film director, Bruno Corbucci. In fact, Bruno Corbucci wrote the screenplay for this exact film, along with Italian screenwriter and film director, Mario Amendola. Music was composed by Guido De Angelis and Maurizio De Angelis, well known musicians in Italy who have produced chart topping music in the past.

The cast members credited in Odds and Evens include long time Italian film partners and friends, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. Terence Hill plays the role of the main character Johnny Firpo, while Bud Spencer plays the role of a truck-driving veteran gambler, Charlie Firpo. Other members of the cast include Luciano Catenacci who plays Paraboulis il greco/The Greek, Marisa Laurito as Suor Susanna, Salvatore Borgese as Ninfus, Riccardo Pizzuti as Smilzo, Claudio Ruffini as Picchio, Sergio Smacchi as Mancino, Vincenzo Maggio as Tappo and Woody Woodbury as Admiral O’Connor.

Odds and Evens Plot

The film begins centred on the life of Johnny Firpo, a US Navy Lieutenant who is put to work after Admiral O’Connor declares war against Parapolis/The Greek who is controlling the infestation of gamblers and bookmakers in Florida.

Johnny’s half brother, Charlie, used to be a gambler who worked for The Greek, however moved away from the dangers of the gambling world and now works as a truck driver. Both boys were abandoned by their father during the course of their lives, who was a card sharp and taught Charlie all he knows about grifting and gambling.

In spite of the fact that Charlie has no desire to return to the underworld controlled by The Greek, he is tricked by Johnny who claims that their father is ill and in need of an operation to avoid going blind. Thus, Charlie is convinced to get back in the game and aid in financing their fathers so-called operation, while helping his brother by passing all of his tricks and knowledge onto him.

The brothers earn a sizable amount of money gambling, with the finale displaying a thrilling poker game between Johnny, The Greek and his henchmen. Action, drama and comedy (sporting a healthy portion of slapstick) explode onto the screen as the brothers go through the ups and downs of not just playing games, but playing with lives, much like games available at http://australianslotsonline.net/.

Release and Reception

Released on the 28th of October in 1978, Odds and Evens was well-received, with both Terence Hill and Bud Spencer drawing in their fans. The film has been given a 7.2 out of 10 on the Internet Movie Database.

In the year of 1979 Odds and Evens was given the Golden Screen Award, an award created in 1964 by the HDF (Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater/Federal Association For Movie Theatres) and the journal Filmecho/Filmwoche.