Fun Facts About Sports Betting That You Never Heard Before

Sports betting is a pastime loved by many people the world over. Not only can it be a greatly profitable adventure, but is fun to partake in as well. Sports betting is the crown of the betting industry, from horses to video games, sports betting should be a part of any avid bettors portfolio. Below are a few of the more fun facts about sports betting.

Biggest Betting Country

The general consensus is that America is the biggest single betting country with massive betting markets on the, NBL, NHL and many other extremely high level sporting leagues. However, this is not the case. UK tops the charts with the biggest spend on gambling per capita. While this can include casino use, the majority of the spend is directed at sports betting. It’s not to say that it isn’t a close competition, though. Both China and Australia are in close contention for the biggest betting country.

Biggest Loser

While you would think that the biggest per capita betting country would also be the country that loses the most on these bets per capita, This is not the case. As we have proven, sports betting does have an element of luck, this luck can be hugely mitigated by skill and overall knowledge of the game. The country that losses the most per capita to sports betting is Ireland.

It seems that the Irish people treat betting more as a recreational activity than an opportunity to make money, as the average Irish bettor will lose upwards of $120 per year on sports betting. Don’t let this come as de-motivation though, as previously stated, sports betting is about the knowledge. It is very possible to be profitable when making your bets.

Christmas Rush

In the UK on Christmas eve nearly twice as many people wager bets on sporting events than on any other normal betting day. This is only assumed to be people wanting a nice Christmas bonus as there are no special events in that direct time frame to justify the increase in betting numbers.

Biggest Event

Football is the most popular betting sport there is, there is no denying a certain allure to betting on football as the players and games are relativity consistent and it is a very enjoyable game to follow. The surprise factor here is just how big football is for betting. The 2018 football world cup racked up a staggering $155 billion worth of bets in the month long event with the final alone generating more $8 billion in bets. In this month long time frame more was bet on a single sport than the GDP of some smaller countries.


Sports betting became popular in the 1800s with horse racing being at the forefront of the push. Sports betting itself, however, is believed to have started well before this with the first recorded bets taking place around 300 AD in Rome. This is not to say that the Romans invented sports betting as it is believed to have spread to Rome after first taking place in Greece a few years earlier.