Internet Based Sparks Online Slot Game Explained

It’s rather difficult to nail down a single aspect that dominates this online slot’s theme as players will realise when they open this multifaceted game. As the title of this Sparks slot game suggests, the primary focus is on bright bits of light, but from here the boiling pot expands. See the game itself takes on a rather tranquil style, minimalistic and with an almost ethereal atmosphere about it. This then invites a paradox between the erratic and almost unpredictable nature of Sparks themselves and so produces a rather interesting flow of thematic energy. The graphics are also pretty good which is nice.

On the 5 reels players will find harmonised arrays of light in dutiful line with the themed mashup of the game and across these symbols there are 20 pay lines fixed to the set. Beneath these symbols, which seem to hover mystically in the air without the need for any forms of border, there are also a few betting and other options that many games developed by NetEnt, like this Sparks slot, often have. In keeping with the minimalist approach to this theme there is only really one significant bonus feature but for those players that are fond of Wilds it is quite impressive.

Setup and Play and Slot Theme Performance

There are often quite a variety of betting options included in online slot games as this allows for a wide range of players to find an interesting level at which to play the game and given the global reach of the internet in question this can be quite demanding. With Sparks and a good couple of other NetEnt slots there is at the least a coin value option and bet level selection assisted in accessibility through a max bet button as well as an autoplay feature. Where this particular slot does get a good degree more interesting is the fact that there is also a selection on pay line direction which allows players to either score from left to right or both left to right and vice versa on the reels.

Once players are setup, an easy challenge given the simple layout of this NetEnt slot game, they will then begin to take more interest in the symbols involved in this Sparks slot game. They will notice in these the full experience of the real money slots theme, from the minimalistic and simple approach, to the tranquil and vivid graphical atmosphere and right down to the slot title and primary thematic focus. Even the playing card symbols are involved and all dolled up in themed attire.

That Wild Sparks Bonus Feature Involved

As mentioned above, there is only the one bonus feature to this Sparks slot game and that involves a rather involving Wild symbol. Whilst there is still a standard Wild symbol on the reels, players will notice another similar looking Wild that appears on only reels 2 and 4 and also in the colour of bonuses, gold. This Wild symbol can possibly expand when players land it either way it then sets the symbols on either side to matching, based on the left most one. This creates a couple more winning possibilities and conditions on the reels of this Sparks online slot from NetEnt.