Exchange Betting And Its Work Methods Explained

Exchange betting can seem complicated to any first-time bettor and for good reason too. Exchange betting is a more complicated betting where there is in essence no Sportsbook. All of the betting placed in exchange betting is between the players with player set odds. While this may seem somewhat confusing, in the below we will cover what exactly exchange betting is and how it works. Anybody can participate in exchange betting.

How Does Exchange Betting Work?

Exchange betting for a person new to it may seem like normal betting, but this is not the case. Exchange betting allows a bettor to offer their own bet with a defined odds, we refer to this as a player who lays the odds.

Simply put, Laying a bet is betting against an outcome. If none of the bets in a particular match seem enticing to you, you are able to create your own bet, also known as laying a bet. The second person involved in this bet would be like a bettor at a normal sportsbook. They see your bet and are able to take the bet, which would only involve deciding on a stake.

How Do Exchange Betting Sites Run?

With only bets between players, a lot of new people would understandably be confused as to how exchange betting sites can afford to operate. For hosting your bets and making the transactions possible, the exchange betting site will take a commission from the winners winnings, nothing additional is taken from any unsuccessful bets. This is where a bit of research may come in from the players. It is important to find out the commission structure before making use of an exchange betting site as that could be what proves it to be profitable or not.


With no set sportsbooks to bet against, the odds in exchange betting are usually more favourable. The odds are usually dictated by the bettor who lays the bet. In exchange betting more so than any traditional sportsbooks, it is extremely important to find good value in the odds. The general consensus is that better odds are supplied in exchange betting, but that can drastically vary from bet to bet, so it is always important to know your bets extremely well and pay close attention to the odds offered.


With having bets coming directly from other players, the sheer volume of bets is usually lower than what is offered by traditional sportsbooks. With that said, it does open other very interesting avenues for betting. With exchange betting you will find a wealth of bets and things to bet on that you had never thought possible before. The best part, if the bet doesn’t exist, you can lay the bet for others to potentially bet on as well.

Final Thoughts

While for any new comer it is generally recommended to play close attention to the value of bets and how the system works. As soon as you have the hang of it, exchange betting can be more profitable and more exciting then betting through traditional sportsbooks.