F1 Betting Guide That You Need To Follow

F1 is the biggest and most exciting motor sport available. With some of the most competitive racing around, coupled with the pinnacle of motor engineering and big-name teams, F1 is action packed from start to finish. Read our guide to start betting in the fantastic world of Formula 1!


A great place to start is knowing where to bet. As there are a multitude of online betting platforms available, we will Look into what you need to look for in an online sportsbook.

  • Security – When looking at any sportsbooks, it is important to know you can trust not only the sportsbook but their security as well, it is your money they are looking after at the end of the day. A great way to find a trustworthy sportsbook is to look at their licensing and the corresponding licensing bodies, this will give you a great idea on the legitimacy of the sportsbook in question. Another potential avenue for trust is reviews; many people try out a lot of sports books and write reviews on them so that you can get a better idea of the sportsbook as a whole.
  • Odds – Sportsbooks usually base odds on their professionals opinions and market trends. With each sportsbook these professionals and market trends are likely to vary, meaning that we can get sportsbooks with sometimes considerably different odds. To use these odds in your favour, it would generally be best to have three or four different sportsbooks to go through for any given event and see where the best odds are available to you.
  • User friendly – People sometimes underestimate the importance of a user friendly website, favouring other factors instead. If you plan on making use of a sportsbook website for some time to come, make sure it is easy and simple to use. While a difficult website may be okay for a bet or two, after some time they will only turn into a frustration and hindrance to your betting.

What To Look For

In F1 betting, as with all sports betting, Making your own strategy is a great key to success. Using somebody else’s strategy could only stand to work if you see the races and drivers exactly as they do. It is recommended that you build your own strategy based but not limited to the following points.

  • History – History is likely the biggest factor to consider when betting, a great driver last year is likely to still be a great driver this year. Be sure to look into the last few years performance to get an accurate gauge of the performances metrics. Remember that performance is track specific, some drivers and cars will favour certain tracks.
  • Know the teams – While most drivers tend to remain somewhat consistent, the cars don’t always. Often smaller changes on cars can lead to big changes on the track. Know what the teams or changing about the cars and try look for information as to how the changes will affect the overall pace on different tracks.