Reasons Why Blackjack And Baccarat Differ

Two extremely popular casino games, Blackjack and Baccarat are found at most land-based and online casinos around the world. However the two games can be easily confused. Both card based games, the two do however have some fundamental differences with the main difference between the two is the way in which a player bets.

Calculating Your Hand

In both Blackjack and Baccarat the aim of the game is to create a high hand in order to beat the dealer. In order to determine the highest hand, each card is allocated a certain number of points with the Jack, Queen and King worth ten points and all other cards, accept the Ace, their face value. The ace in Baccarat is one point while in Blackjack it is considered a magic card and can either be worth one or worth eleven points.

A great game for beginner table players, adding up your hand is straight forward in Blackjack. The aim being to get as close to 21 points as possible, without going over this amount, also known as going bust. Players are initially delt two cards and can decide to increase their hand, through a hit, or stand, which means their hand stays as is. One unique thing about Blackjack which some players do not know is that if two cards of the same value are held a player can choose to split their hand and create two separate hands.

However Baccarat is a bit more complicated with the number being the addition of your point values minus the first digit. So for instance if your hand held a Queen and an eight, your value would be 8 rather than 18. The aim is to get as high a score as possible in Baccarat with the top score being 9. A third card is also played in Baccarat with going bust not an option in this game. Players in Baccarat to also not decide to hit or stand as they would do in Blackjack.

It Comes Down To Betting

Aside from the variation in card counting, the biggest difference between Blackjack and Baccarat comes in the betting option. Again, Blackjack is the more simple option with players betting on if they think they have a strong hand. However in Baccarat, along with betting on oneself, players can also place bets on if they think the dealer will win or if they think it will be a tie.

Higher Chances Of Winning

Many casino players say that because there is essentially no house edge in a game of Baccarat, the chances of winning are higher. The game also requires less pressure to play so human emotions don’t tend to play so much of a factor into whether you will win or lose. Blackjack also has more variables due to the other player’s hands which also factor into how the winner is chosen. This includes the ever present possibility of splits, with various strategies coming into play from all side. Whereas with Baccarat there are only three possible outcomes.