The Finer Reels Of Life Slot Reviewed for Players

The Finer Reels of Life is about the things that make life worth living, or at least the finer things that money can buy. In this game, the player has to find all these fine things as the play continues. Doing this will be worth it, and will be great fun as well. The graphics of the Finer Reels of Life, one of the latest games by Microgaming, are classy and capture beautifully the glamorous high life. Slot symbols are of luxurious things like chocolate, diamonds and champagne, and are interspersed with elegant golden high card symbols.  There are some special symbols too, like the Wilds and the Finer Features stars.

The Wilds substitute for any other symbol, except the Finer Features stars, and any wins using the Wilds is doubled. There are also Wild Celebrations that can happen randomly, except during the Free Spins, and can turn up on five of the reels. There are four different ways to benefit from the free spins bonus round.  Landing the scatter symbols a certain number of times triggers this bonus.

The Finer Features, when the player finds any three of them, will unlock the four different Free Spins. The first Free Spin Feature is called the Coffee and Chocolate Free Spin, and is available immediately.

The second is called Wine and Cheese and is available from the fifth Finer Feature appearance. The third Free Spin is the Whisky and Cigars, and is available from the tenth, and the last Free Spin feature, Champagne and Diamonds, from the fifteenth.  These Free Spins features all award the player with increasing numbers of free spins, and also have various additional special bonuses, like a five times multiplier and Rolling Reels. These rewards can result in an incredible win. It can certainly take a little time to unlock all four of them, but is worth it.

Classy Graphics and Background Music

Three of the Scatter symbols show on the reels, a bonus round called the Finer Things can be activated. This bonus game gives player ten bonus spins to enable him to collect a cash bonus. Players will keep coming back to play this game of luxurious payouts and many profitable bonuses, as the Finer Reels of Life lets the player feel like a millionaire without actually being one.

The graphics of the Finer Reels of Life are polished and smooth and impressive. The symbols are the items most people associate with the life of the elite, like fine china, diamonds and the bottles of champagne. The background music also fits the theme, being the sort of music one can expect to hear in a high class cocktail bar.

Exciting Bonuses with Champagne Corks

The bonus called the Wild Celebration is indicated by five champagne bottles that appear at the bottom of the screen. The bottles shake and the corks will pop out of the bottles and drench a reel, and the entire reel will turn wild and reveal Wild prizes, and enable the player to collect cash winnings. If an entire screen of Wild symbols appear, the huge top jackpot can be won.

As in some online slots Singapore games, auto Play in the Finer Reels of Life is also accessible through an on screen button, should the player wish to use it.