Jungle Boogie Online Slot Overview

Jungle Boogie Online Slot Overview

Fancy yourself a jungle explorer? Then Jungle Boogie might be just the game for you. Set in the deepest darkest jungles where all manner of wild beasts stalk the shadows, Jungle Boogie is a true walk on the wild side. It’s also an interesting and truly unique slot game experience, diverting from the expected norms at almost every turn. As far as slot games go, Jungle Boogie is something truly unique in the game play department.

The visual presentation of the game is certainly nothing to write home about, and one could even accuse the game’s graphics of being a bit too minimalist. There are indeed a great number of animals on show, but none are animated, and all lack the sharp detail demonstrated in some other slot games. So what does Jungle Boogie really have to offer? For one thing, it is in a class of rare slot game that uses only 3 reels, and 1 betting line. And this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as interesting game play choices go.

Unique Play System

Jungle Boogie, as has just been said, has only 3 reels and 1 betting line. But isn’t this a step back as far as slot games go? Not at all. Jungle Boogie embraces simplicity to the point of extremity, and what this achieves is one of the most fast-paced, easy to understand slot games you’re likely to play. There is no question as to when a win has been achieved, and no doubt as to how much this will pay out. Modern slot games tend to be confusing in many cases, since they are cluttered with multiple play symbols, amazing yet distracting special effects, and bizarre play line configurations. Jungle Boogie suffers from none of these issues.

Jungle Boogie Pokies

Opposite to some real money slots, in Jungle Boogie slot, you need only worry about one line, and only ever one line. If the animal symbols match, you win, if they don’t, you lose. Ultimately, the game can be said to be rather stingy as far as payouts are concerned, but almost every payout achieved is guaranteed to be a generous one. In fact, even getting a single medium payout can easily put the player into the big profit zone. It’s not a conventional approach to slot games, but certainly a unique one. It might not be for everyone, but you can’t deny Jungle Boogie is truly unique slot game.

Payouts and Specials

The tiger is where you’ll want to be putting most of your attention. The big feline is by far the most valuable symbol in the game, and matching him while having bets at maximum is a huge jackpot win. Of course, he isn’t very commonly seen on the reels, but when you do see him your heart will skip a beat. Some of the other animals are the baboon, parrot, fish, monkey and leopard. The fish is the only symbol that will payout if appearing on the winning line less than 3 times.

As far as specials go, Jungle Boogie has none to speak of. You need only know that the more you bet, the more you win. Nothing more need be said.