An Exclusive Introduction to Playing Online Baccarat in South Africa

Online Baccarat has bought an age-old card game into the digital age and made it more accessible for players across the globe. In South Africa, this card comparing game that’s often compared to Blackjack is growing in popularity as more and more players discover just how enjoyable and rewarding it can be.

Although Baccarat is similar to Blackjack in some ways, in others the two games couldn’t be less alike. Blackjack is a game that uses skill and strategy, whilst Baccarat is one that’s basically based on luck. There’s no skill that can sway the outcome and only betting systems can help players boost their chances of winning on a more consistent basis.

Understanding the Basics of Baccarat

Baccarat is played between the Banker and the Player, but in this case the player doesn’t refer to the person actually playing the game. This may sound a little confusing, but it’s actually quite easy to understand. Essentially, Banker and Player could be named 1 and 2, but the names given to the hands dealt. Players must opt to bet on either the Player or the banker having the winning hand, or the game being a tie, so in essence they must bet on option 1, 2 or 3.

A hand of two cards is dealt to the Player and the Banker and a third card may be accepted by the Player if a certain value is attained. There’s never a case where more than 3 cards are dealt in any game, making online Baccarat incredibly fast and hugely exciting. Card values are also simple to understand and there’s no Joker in the pack. Cards 2-9 have their face value, whilst cards 10, J, K and Q are worth zero and an Ace worth 1. A hand that equals 14 will equal 4 and an easy way to work out the value of any hand is to take the digit on the right as the total, as anything over 9 only counts as a single figure.

Online Baccarat Tips

When betting online in Baccarat, your best bet is to always wager on the Banker. The Banker has the lowest house edge of 1.06%, making it hugely favourable. The Player isn’t a bad bet either, with a house edge of 1.24%. A bet that’s very challenging and one that beginners may need to steer clear of is the tie. Although a tie may seem like the most likely outcome, it’s also the one with the highest house edge of 14.36% and you may be surprised how seldom this result is actually recorded.

Rich Rewards with Online Baccarat

When played for real money like Canadians choosing their options here, online Baccarat is a game that can be very rewarding. In the land based casino domain it became famous for its high roller players and in Asia, this game remains one of the most played and one with the highest payouts in all casinos.

As it’s so simple in nature it doesn’t take new players long to get the hang of it. Many of the top South African casinos offer free online Baccarat games that are ideal for learning how to play. Once you know how to play, you can bet real money and stand a chance of winning big.